• Conveyor Belt Bottom Labeller KB-330


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    BPS Bottom - Up Labelling System

    This bottom - up labelling system is designed to integrate right in to your specific packaging process.

    The BPS KB-330 commes with a full belt infeed conveyor and a split belt outfeed conveyor.It uses one of the proven BPS - Series Labelling Heads to dispens the labels.Labels can be applied front and bottom of a clamshell container or bottom of the packaging.
    It features simple vertical and horizontal adjustments to allow for quick and reliable label placement.
    After the label is applied to the package, there is a wiping or sponge roll mechanism that firmly secures the labels.

    Packaging security:

    The BPS - KB - 330 is ideal for baked goods, smallgoods,dairy products, produce, confectionaries, clamshells and more.

    Durable and Reliable:

    As all of BPS / U  labelling equipment, KB - 330 is made with corrosion resistant materials and is designed to withstand harsh conditions.The durability,reliability and versatility will make it a staple in your packaging process for years.

    Features and benefits:

    • Operates at speeds up to 40 m / minute 
    • Variable speed control
    • Split conveyor for accurate labelling
    • Conveyor mounted
    • Horizontal Dispenser adjustment
    • Quick release for fast label change
    • Label with - up to 150 mm
    • System length - 1350 mm
    • Welded Stainless steel frame
    • Standard lockable Castors
    • Constructed entierly of Non- Corrosive Materials
    • Operator friendly

    This bottom - up labelling system is made in Australia, backed up with full after sales support and spareparts availability.

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